Saturday, June 7, 2014

how to: photo editing 101

Taking the picture:

-If you're taking a picture that is definitely going on instagram, switch the camera mode to "square".  This will ensure everything you want is in the picture and you won't have to crop it

-Try to use natural light as much as possible.  Stand near a window or just take the picture outside.

-If you're trying to focus on an object, put it on top of a piece of white paper.  This will make the object stand out and create a cleaner looking photo.


Afterlight-This will probably forever be my go-to photo editing app.  I pretty much use it for every picture I post on my blog.  My favorite features are the brightness, highlights, and all the filters to choose from.  I also edit my photos on my Etsy shop with this app to whiten the paper since it tends to look more yellow in photos.

Picmonkey- Does anyone remember Picnik?  This is probably the equivalent to that site.  I always use this site for my blog collages and my graphics.  The best part about it is that it's FREE! Picmonkey is also relatively easy to navigate compared to some editing programs.

More tips:

-If you're trying to post a photo online but it keeps coming out a little darker or discolored, try saving it as a .png and it should end up saving as the natural color.  I always save my photos as a .png when I'm on picmonkey.

-Avoid using the front facing camera when taking a picture.  It's much grainier and the quality just isn't as good.  Also avoid using IG camera.

Do you have any good photo editing apps?! I'd love to hear about some new ones.  Also, any ways to save my data usage, kindly send them my way..I always end up using all my data for the month before it ends!

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