101 I N 1001

I feel like it's almost a staple for every blog to have a list of 101 things they want to accomplish in 1001 days.  I decided to include both short and long term goals, some are going to be more difficult than others.  It should be fun to be able to look back in 1001 days and see how many of these things I have checked off my list! I hope to write a separate post about each accomplishment as I go.

if they are crossed off, I have completed them.
if they are bolded, they are in progress.

start date : November 25th, 2013
end date: August 22nd, 2016

39 done, 62 left!

1. complete 24 hours of community service (1/24)
2. visit California
3. go to Disney World
4. visit New Orleans
5. graduate college
6. land a "big girl" job
7. move somewhere new
8. buy a car
9. adopt a dog
10. travel to Europe
11. run a 5k
12. run a 10k
13. run a half marathon
14. run a FULL marathon (ha)
15. take a cooking class
16. host a party
17. hit 100 blog posts
18. take up a new hobby
19. go to a Lilly warehouse sale
20. attend a beer festival
21. go on a camping trip
22. attend a professional sport game
23. learn how to play the guitar
24. spend a day in Old Town Alexandria
25. go to Georgetown Cupcakes
26. pay for the person behind me in Starbucks
27. take a wine/painting class
28. bake a pumpkin pie from scratch
29. read all of the Harry Potter books
30. see a Broadway musical
31. pay back my student loans
32. organize my closet
33. take a spa day
34. submit an application to a reality show
35. take a spontaneous road trip
36. go an entire month without buying any clothes
37. get engaged
38. hit 10,000 views on my blog
39. go to a concert
40. go to a blow-dry bar
41. surprise my boyfriend just because
42. make a new friend
43. reconnect with an old friend
44. go skiing
45. go white water rafting
46. complete a mud run
47. attend a wedding
48. "discover" a new restaurant in my home town
49. send someone flowers
50. complete a 30 day photo challenge
51. donate old clothes to goodwill
52. get a mani/pedi
53. have a girls trip
54. go on a bar crawl
55. have a Disney movie marathon
56. go vintage shopping
57. have a professional photo shoot
58. learn how to do my taxes
59. go to a wine tasting
60. subscribe to BirchBox
61. read 10 books (2/10)
62. try a new recipe once a month (5/12)
63. join a local Delta Gamma Alum group
64. try a new fitness class
65. find the perfect mascara
66. go to a pumpkin patch
67. add $2,000 to a savings account
68. watch an entire season of a show
69. go two weeks without eating out
70. go on an all-day-long bike ride
71. try a red lip color
72. make a Pinterest craft
73. ride in a limo
74. go to an amusement park
75. make spaghetti squash
76. go fishing
77. have a game night
78. make a fancy drink
79. stick to a cleaning schedule for at least a month
80. go backpacking
81. carve pumpkins
82. spend a weekend at the beach
83. go horseback riding
84. visit a museum
85. go shopping in NYC
86. meet someone famous
87. go strawberry picking
88. decorate a Christmas tree
89. visit Charleston, SC
90. tip someone 100%
91. go golfing
92. attend the audience of a live tv show
93. go rock climbing
94. join a gym
95. go zip-lining
96. see a shooting star
97. do a triathlon
98. fly in an airplane
99. buy a lottery ticket
100. deposit $10 into savings for each thing completed
101. complete this entire list

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  1. I am also doing a 101 in 1001 project and recording it on my blog. (www.rissajaneen.com) I will book mark your page and check back to see how your project goes!

    Let me know if you need any advice about your #4 Visit New Orleans. I just went in October and it was fabulous. We stayed at the Hotel Pontchartrain which was in the Garden District, and it was the perfect location: walking distance to Magazine street for shopping and directly in front of the green line trolley stop to take you to Bourbon St and the French Quarter!